Your TP must be super expensive, right?

Not to be that company, but it’s actually a pretty good deal.

Let’s talk toilet paper numbers: many toilet paper brands measure their cost per roll, not per sheet. They do this because they make single length rolls with fewer sheets, so it sounds better. Because we make super long rolls (at least 370 sheets), it may seem like we’re more expensive. But in reality, we are generally on par with, if not more affordable than, the toilet paper you find in supermarkets.

Here’s a handy toilet paper formula if you want to get down and mathy:

  • Total price / Number of rolls / Number of sheets per roll x 100
  • For example, 48 rolls of 100% Recycled TP for $60
  • $60 / 48 / 400 x 100 = 31c per 100 sheets

We encourage you to compare our prices per sheet (not roll) with that of our competitors. We think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Not to mention, our toilet paper directly contributes to our donations to non-profit partners working in clear water and sanitation. Can you really put a price on giving back?

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