Tax/VAT invoices

Need proof of purchase? Look no further - customers in Australia, United Kingdom and Europe are able to download printable PDF tax/VAT invoices straight from their customer portal!

Where do I access my invoice?

  1. When logged in, click “Order history”
  2. Under “Your Orders”, locate the order you need a tax/VAT invoice for
  3. Click “View invoice”


What you do with the invoice is totally up to you. Print it out, frame it and hang it on your wall if you’d like… or if you’re boring, just keep it on file come tax time. 🤓

If you have any issues getting your hands on an invoice please reach out to us via

For our USA customers

This feature is currently unavailable. Some of our customers use their order confirmation email as proof of purchase but if you need a detailed tax invoice, or any other specific receipts for payment, feel free to get in touch.

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