Can you explain your yearly donations?

For those not in the know, we donate 50% of our profits each year to ensure that everyone has access to clean water and a toilet by 2050. 🚽  Some frequently asked questions are:

Where does the 50% of profits donated each year actually go?

We donate 50% of our profits to our non-profit partners that do all sorts of incredible work, including clear water and sanitation projects for the billions of people who still don’t have access to a toilet.

You can read all about our incredible impact partners - here.

Why only 50%?

Donating 50% means we can invest almost all of the other 50% into growing the company. We want to hire more talented people, launch in new countries and continue to grow the company in a sustainable way, ensuring we are around for a long time. 💪

How can we be sure you are actually donating 50% of your profits?

We are a certified B Corp which means that we've been assessed as a 'for benefit' company, rather than purely 'for profit'. This certification covers a wide range of aspects of our business and ranks our performance across a rigorous set of criteria. Specifically in relation to our donations, part of this certification involves an assessment of our financial statements confirming our claim to donate at least 50% of profits.

You can find our donation confirmation letters from our impact partners - here.

Want to know more?

Head over to our impact page for more detailed information.



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