Scrap the roll tax

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It’s time we Scrap the Roll Tax!

What is the Roll Tax – sounds like a bum deal??

We have a bone to pick with the UK tax man. We were baffled to find out that toilet roll is considered a luxury by the UK tax system and everyone is being charged an extra 20% for VAT. We think this is ridiculous and so are calling on the Government to reclassify toilet paper as the essential it so clearly is, and scrap the tax to save money for each and every bum across the UK.

Well, that sounds pretty crap

It is! Because this tax affects each and every one of us -  every time we sit on the toilet HMRC is charging you for the privilege. 

It’s costing the average Brit £8.74 every year which might not sound like much, but is equivalent to two weeks of fresh veg, one month of fresh milk, or two and a half days of gas and electricity for the average UK household.

Did you know?

82% of Brits see loo roll as an essential part of their weekly shop - and we agree!

Shame the tax system doesn’t. However, here are some of the bizarre items that they consider more ‘essential’ than toilet roll (and therefore, aren’t subject to VAT):

  • Caviar
  • Helicopters
  • Marshmallow teacakes
  • Gingerbread men (but only if they don’t have chocolate on them)

So, whilst you might not pay VAT on your caviar and teacake picnic in your helicopter, you’re still paying an extra 20% every visit to the loo.  

Why now?

More than ever, Brits are having to tighten their belts to afford basic essentials, with three in five admitting that the cost-of-living crisis has forced them to cut back.

Let's uncrap that

57% of Brits have had to make cuts to afford essential, yet we’re taxing the most basic of hygiene items.

Yes, this is an issue that affects everyone – with Brits being the third most intensive users of loo roll in the world. However, it’s disproportionately impacting the most vulnerable members in our society, with rising prices making it difficult to afford basic hygiene needs.

Okay, so what are you doing about it?

We’ve launched a petition with Change.Org to raise awareness of this issue and show public backing – and we need your support! If you also think that the Roll Tax is crap and needs to be scrapped, you can sign here to add your voice to the campaign.

We’ve also penned an Open Letter to the Chancellor, backed by incredible brands, MPs, and charity partners, calling on him to Scrap the Roll Tax ahead of the Spring Budget.

Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be shouting about this on socials to make some noise on this important issue.

Here’s our promise in return: If the tax is removed, we will reinvest all savings in lowering the cost of our loo roll – so everybody wins!

I want to find out more – who do I speak to about the campaign?

You can contact our team for press enquiries at


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