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The Whoops! edition: We hear you

We tried hard to make a limited edition that would delight our customers and, ultimately, leave a positive impact on the world. And you’re right, we could have through it through better.

Our goal with the Whoops! edition was to reduce our waste by finding a creative way to sell our misprinted packaging that would otherwise have been thrown out. The whoopie cushion was a fun way to delight our customers, and the reaction to it has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ll sell out of this edition much faster than we predicted, having successfully avoided throwing out our misprinted wrappers and boxes. We’ve also received dozens of letters from people who love the idea, which is our main gauge of success.

It was all back slaps and high fives until we saw the comments on social media from people who feel that including a free whoopie cushion means we’re actually creating more waste. Obviously this wasn’t our intention, and while we did discuss this during the process, the excitement and momentum of the idea overpowered our reservations. This isn’t a defense, it’s just the reality. The fart noises were irresistible, so now we’ve got a whole bunch of them in boxes ready to ship.

We’ve taken your feedback to heart and have spent a lot of time as a team these past few days thinking about what we could have done differently. We can’t change the past, but looking forward we’ve agreed as a team to pause during the development of all new campaigns to ask ourselves if what we’re doing is the best way to have a positive impact on the world. We won’t always have the right answers, but we’ll always ask ourselves the question.

So what about the whoopie cushions? We can’t change the Whoops! Edition now—the whoopie cushions have already been made and put in the boxes, so the best thing to do is to ensure they get used and deliver as many moments of childish delight as possible. You’re still welcome to order our whoopie cushion-free toilet paper, of course, but we’ll continue to sell the Whoops! Edition TP until it sells out.

We’re just a small group of people doing the best we can to make a difference and making a whole heap all make mistakes along the way (some more than others...ahem….Phil). We hope you’ll stay with us and continue to point out when we could be doing better—it’s your feedback that helps us improve!


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